Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden fees? Absolutely not. Our prices are always flat rate and we never allow our customers to be subject to any hidden fees. However, there are some things that you could do to result in additional fees. These actions include overloading the dumpster, putting prohibited items or blocking the rental from delivery or pick up.

Can the dumpster damage my property? Our rental dumpsters usually never damage our customer’s property but some external factors such as weather has resulted in some minor damages. If the dumpster must rest on your lawn, then some temporary cosmetic damage may result from the dumpster.

Do I need a permit? If your rental dumpster can be fully placed on your property, then a permit is not required. However, if any portion of the rental must rest on private property, then you must obtain a permit from your local city government.

What should I know about filling a dumpster? Filling is easy because all of our dumpster have a doorway to walk or roll in trash. Make sure that you attempt to make the waste as evenly as possible inside the rental. This will make the best use of space and ensure a safe pick up. Also you cannot overfill the dumpster and if you do, you are responsible for unloading it. Normal waste can be filled up to water level with the sides and heavy debris such as concrete cannot be loaded above halfway up the sides. Please adhere to our prohibited items and you should by fine.

Do I have to onsite when the dumpster is delivered? No. Our haulers are professionals and can position the dumpster perfectly and also incorporate any specific instructions. This is also the case for pick up but please be certain that the pathway and around the dumpster is clear of any items.

What are my options for dumpsters? We have a variety of sizes in your area that include the 10-yard20-yard 30-yard and 40-yard dumpsters. Some cities may vary. There is no limit to how many you can rent at a single time or a combination of varying rentals. Also we offer an empty and return service.

What is the rental length? Our entire selection of roll off dumpsters comes standard with a 14-day rental period. In efforts to ensure you have enough time to dispose of all of your waste we do not automatically come out to your location after 2 weeks. When you are ready for the rental to be picked up, just give us a call and we will be out to your location.

Do the dumpsters smell? No. Our rental dumpsters are thoroughly cleaned in between every rental. If the dumpster does begin to produce an odor, then is most likely a result of your waste.

What cannot be put in the dumpster? We do not accept any form of hazardous, flammable or electronic waste. Also any items containing refrigerant will not be hauled away and additional fees will be applied. However items such as box springs, railroad ties, tree stumps and tires will be accepted but result in an extra charge. If you have a question about a specific items, just ask.